Prom 2017

Prom King

the 2017 Huntingdon Area High School Prom King

In my attempt to keep some sort of record of my DJ work, here is a little rundown of the Huntingdon Prom for 2017.

I believe this is the third year that I have had the honor of playing the Bearcat Prom. Each one, I believe, has been better than the last. This was no exception.

On the shoulders

A view from up High

Last year the Prom was held at the Huntingdon Area High School Gymnasium. It was nice, but this year things were moved to the Raystown Resort and Conference Center. This is a great place. The staff there is very professional and friendly. I love doing jobs there. We back right down to the side doors and load things. As easy as we could expect.

We were told the teachers would be there at 10 a.m so we thought we would have plenty of time if we got there at three. We, but the teachers had left. The Huntingdon High School Tradition is to go to a few different places around town for pictures. They often go to the park near the 4th Street Bridge or Juniata College. I messaged the teachers and they said they would be back at 5, which gave us a lot of time to get set up. I really need to do a gig log of our set up sometime. A gig log is just a time lapse video of our set up. I’ll work on that for the next gig.

So the students arrive and hang out outside for a while for more pictures. You can see a lot of the photos I took on my Photography Facebook Page and a little story on my photography web page. I think there’s about 300 Photos on the facebook page, so take your time. If you like the pictures, don’t forget to like the page.


I think she looks like should be on stage singing, but not sure what she sounded like.

Now, for the music that I played. Since this was a prom and folks were having refreshments and they had Frank Sinatra on the house system when I arrived, I played a little Micheal Buble`. I watched the kids and then tried the ease in with the tempo. Maroon 5 f./Kendrick Lamar and the song Don’t Wanna Know. Looking for feet tapping and people moving. The a country song, Jon Pardi, Dirt on My Boots. I had a good reaction from that so up with the volume and more dance music.

I did play a couple of the line dances, but not all that I do at, say the Mount Union School dances. Not all the guys at the Huntingdon High School, well …. They dance different than I’ve ever seen. Not saying it is right or wrong, it’s just different. They seem to gather in a group. They guys and girls. The girls will stand in front of the guys. The guys will put their hands on the hips of their date and then they sway back and forth. Some to the beat of the music, some not so much. At least they are dancing, right? I do have to wonder if the constraints they seem to be using on their date, I have to wonder if later in life their dancing skills will have been hindered?

In closing, it was an awesome night, I had a lot of requests and they actually had to make the dance floor bigger. I wouldn’t have changed thing. Oh wait, I would have NOT played the one request that temporarily cleared the dance floor.