The art of Rick Hamilton

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I fell in love with the world of art when I was a VERY young kid. If you read the about me section of this web site, it mentioned I would share the first picture I remember drawing. That was a little drawing of a log “Skidder”. I wish I had that drawing, but I don’t. I do remember the place I drew it and what it looked like. It happened after my dad drew it on a little note pad in church. I even remember my uncle commenting on it.

That’s where it started and I continued to mostly draw through school. A lot of times when I should have been paying attention. I was picked as most artistic along with Barb McMullen. I went to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and had a bit of a culture shock. A country boy who had never been to the city let alone live there. My first go around didn’t work out so well. I quit after 9 months of school. I believe it was a blessing, because I did go home work a few jobs and then decide to go back. When I returned it was just the time when the computer world was taking off. It was a time when you bought a computer and it had a 28.8k modem in it to connect to the internet. I remember saving and getting a 56k modem and thinking how fast it was. Finishing school just our of high school I believe I may have never learned how to use a computer.

So  grow up and then returned when I was 30 years old. Took it a lot more serious than I did when I was 19. I went straight through, making deans list every quarter and having perfect attendance. As I do more projects I’ll post them.