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My life as a DJ started many years ago. I find it hard to believe sometimes. When I started, I borrowed everything from the boss at my job. I was working at  WXMJ radio station and it that was broadcasting from Mount Union Pennsylvania. The first job was at the Catholic Church activity hall for a high school S.A.D.D. Chapter. My light show consisted of a wooden box with four yard lights. Two were red, two were green. There were switches on the back to turn them on and off.

QSC Speakers

QSC Speakers

Technology has come a long way. Since the early days I now play everything off of a computer rather than a pair of cassette decks or CD players. I currently am using QSC powered speakers which sound amazing. I am using the K System which again, compared to days gone by, are super light super efficient and plenty loud. The QSC system also leaves a small footprint which makes it easier to fit in small areas.

As for the box with four lights and switches on the back, that too is Long gone. Now I use



all LED lighting, which means they don’t use a lot of power or throw off a bunch of heat. Also, have enough lighting to light the entire dance floor. Dancing in the dark is a great Billy Idol song, but doing it in real life

isn’t much fun.

In the 20 plus years I have been playing music, I’ve done Weddings, Weddings and more Weddings. I’ve played high school dances and proms, birthday parties and just plain ol’ parties. There are times people ask me the strangest job ever. It was 5 hours of polka music at the Mount Union American Legion Country Club. It was a Saturday afternoon. At the time I was going through my long hair stage. A guest ask me if I was a polka dj, I said “do I look like one? Someone gave me the songs and said just play one after the other and it will be fine”.

I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully working with you for an incredible event. Please use the contact page and we can discuss rates and dates.