DJ notes from Shoemaker Wedding

Pricktown Events

Bricktown Events, Mount Union, PA

I was the DJ for this wedding, which was held at Bricktown Events. A fairly new venue in Mount union. It’s very nice. The owner put a lot of money into it to bring it from what it was to what it is today. Beautiful light and beautiful wood tables and chairs. I really hope folks give this place a chance. With close to 200 people it stayed pretty cool. The outside temperature was 77. It easily seated around two hundred people. It was a beautiful day, and would have been a great day for an outside wedding but who could know that?

We were fortunate to be able to set things up the night before. The day of the wedding we only had to plug things in and wait for the time to start. 3:00pm was start time and unlike some wedding I’ve done, it started right on time.

The ceremony lasted about 30 minutes and I am not sure but the Pastor may have forgotten to say the magic words. “You may now kiss the bride” before he said “I now give to you the new Mr. & Mrs. Shoemaker”.Shoemaker Wedding

Now for the dancing. Things started on a pretty good note. Someone requested Bruno Mars right away. That was a good sign. I saw some folks that I knew from other jobs I had done, so I knew a little AC/DC would work. It did and then I had another request for another AC/DC song. Love requests. The surprising thing was someone asking for the Whip Nae nae song.

I was positioned directly under one of the air conditioners in the building so it was fairly cool where I was. Evidently other parts of the building were extremely warm to hot. The groom mentioned it to me and a couple people said is was just too hot and that was the reason they would be leaving.

Shoemaker WeddingOverall it was a pretty decent night. The entire family great and I hope they have an amazing marriage. I am grateful when anyone ask me to be part of their day.