Juniata College Grads

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JC Grads

Juniata Grads, Juniata College, Huntingdon, PA

I have done some photography work for Juniata College in previous years. I’v had a schedule that allowed for the work. Recently I have been talking with some people there about doing some watercolor paintings. I was there several times taking reference photos.  I was walking back from taking pictures of Halbritter  Hall and saw several young ladies taking photos on the Quad. They were using their iphones. I had my camera and really wanted to ask if they would mind if I would take some photos for them. That is something I NEVER do. EVER. It’s something I wish i could get over but in today’s world I doubt I ever will.

As they took photos I made my way over to Founders Hall. I didn’t care for the light on the the building so I figured I would have to make my way there at a different time of the day, maybe evening, for the light to be where I think it would look good.

The young ladies were up near where my car was parked and I knew I would have to walk by. They were still taking photos, but I made my way to my car. As I was about to open the door I thought “what the heck, ask them and the worse they could say is no thank you”. So (insert drum roll here”, I did it. I ask them and they said sure!

I went back to my car and grabbed a flash. Each woman, one by one sat down and allowed me to take a portrait shot and then a group shot of them throwing their caps in the air. I appreciate the chance to take the photos and you’ll see them below. Below the photos I’ll put a link to a page where should they want to buy them they can and also some if they should wish to snag them from this page.

Oh yea, while I was there a “townie” saw the girls standing on the brick wall posing and pulled his truck over, jumped out and took a few pictures on his phone. He yelled “THANK YOU” and drove off. The women were not impressed and I explained to them that things like that are the reason I never ask to take someones photo.

Thank you to the Juniata Grads!


Link to Buy photos HERE.

Here are some photos Should the women like to snag them.