Let’s Celebrate an Anniversary!

You may be able to file this idea under crazy, but I was talking with my wife about anniversaries the other night. I was also thinking about this web site and how I wish that I had something like it when I started the DJ business.

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary!

That leads me to the idea I had. I was wondering out of all the weddings I have played who has been married the longest. I thought I could do something special for that couple. Maybe some professional photos? I would be up for it.

I’ve certainly seen a lot of things while playing music. I think it’s crazy that I have  watched people grow up, a lot of them while they were dancing.

I can remember the first time thinking about this. It was when I was playing the grand opening of Shug’s Place, which was near the Mount Union American Legion Country Club. I don’t remember the couples names, but I can still see them dancing. I remember the them dancing in front of me and thinking to myself “I played for those two when they were in high school! Here they are over 21!”. I also remember someone coming up to me in the Sheetz store and say “Hey remember me? You played my 16th birthday party!” I remembered and ask how old she was now? “28!” she said. WOW! Amazing how fast time flies.

So, I’m still at it. Still doing DJ work for everything from the sweet 16 parties to weddings. I’ve kinda backed out of the bar scene since I’ve gotten married.

With all of that, I really want to try to find out is which couple has been married the longest where I was the DJ for their reception. If you think you might be part of that couple please shoot me a note or post below this when it show up on my Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn Page. Again, I’d like to do pictures of the couple that has been married the longest.

Even if you don’t think you would be the couple married the longest, I’d love to know that I did your wedding. Share even that with me. I’ll make a list.