Michelle & Zac Wedding

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Michelle and Zack

The wedding I was scheduled to dj on this date (June 17, 2017) was to be held at a beautiful location in Greencastle PA. The venue is called Green Grove Gardens. In case you are curious the address is 1032 Buchanan Trail E, Greencastle, PA 17225 and for the website click here.

The ceremony was scheduled for 4 pm and my wife and I arrived early, around 1 PM. Our dj setup and photo booth took about an hour.  For this wedding we were providing a second system for the ceremony as well.

It was a warm day and the humidity was making an appearance as well.

At 2:30 or so, while we were at the ceremony site, we met and talked with the women who were providing music. A violin and a cello player. They were to start at 3:30 and after a conversation with them they decided they did not need microphones for their instruments. I did have lapel microphones for the two in charge of the ceremony. With everything ready my wife and I headed for the shade.

At 3:30 the women with the instruments started to play and at 3:45 the groomsmen took their spots and were ready to walk to the ceremony site. I really felt bad for them. As I mentioned it was humid and around 85 degrees. The suits they were wearing were ALL black. The only saving grace was there was a bit of a breeze. At 4 they made their way to the assigned spots.

The bridesmaids made their way down from the main building and then the bride. Everyone rose to their feet as Michelle made her way to the front.

The ceremony went off as smooth as it could go. Although the wind that was blowing was fairly noticeable with the lapel mics even though they had windscreen on them. I should say I noticed it. I’m not sure if anyone else did.

After the I do’s my wife and I took our second system packed it away and off to the main building.

The reception went smooth and the meal served was great.

Most memorable moments from this wedding would be that I found the glasses that I lost the week before. They were under my dj equipment in my trailer. As you can see there were not in very good shape.