Mount Union High School

MUAHS April 7, 1917

I love the dances at MUAHS. This was a dance that had to be reschedules a few times. First it was an all night lock in and then just a regular dance. Then it snowed and we had to move the date. The date that was picked was one in which there was also a home baseball and softball game. I’m not sure but it may have hurt the attendance a little. No matter, still had a good time. From all the flannel shirts that were there, it may have been a theme. I have a lot of flannels and would have worn one if I had known.

For gig like his I put my phone number out for the students to text me requests. Sometimes that is a good thing, sometimes not so much. It’s hard to keep up and I’m sure each song requested doesn’t get played.

Since this is the first post in the DJ blog it might be a shorter one. I was not sure what to put but still wish this is something I would have done when I started. This would have a book of memories for sure.

I guess I could always put the high light of the night, or at least what it was from my perspective. This night it would have been when a young man came and ask me if he could use the mic to ask his girlfriend to the prom. Before the last song “Dan and Shay – From the Ground Up”, I gave him the mic. He ask and she said yes. You can see a video below.

Tomorrow night another job. This one will be at the Mount Union Area Fire Department building. A birthday party where there is sure to be some of the same kids!