Sickest DJ Ever!

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1st Dance

The couples first dance. Extreme – More than Words”

When a DJ says that was a sick night, they usually mean in a good way. On this particular Saturday, I wish it was, but it wasn’t. On my way home from my “real job” Friday night I can tell you the exact spot the sickness took hold of me and Saturday it was worse. I was in bed from the time I got home Friday night until I had to leave for the job Saturday.

The DJ job was for a wedding reception on the Proud Mary at Raystown Resort. It’s a good idea to check your paperwork and know the difference between the Raystown Belle and the Proud Mary. One is at 7 Points Marina, one at Raystown Resort. I looked at the email on my phone and saw the word resort just as I was passing Jim’s Anchorage on the way to 7 Points. A quick u-turn and plenty of time I made it to the Resort and with the help of my step son Dusty we were on top of the boat and ready to go. I am grateful Dusty was willing to Dusty for helping me.

The wedding party arrived and stayed downstairs of the for a quick meal. When they arrived upstairs I briefly talked to the groom while the dancing was going strong.

Usually I have a hundred, if not more pictures to post with these updates. Not having them, is one way you know I was really sick. I took maybe five total. The few posted are the one I liked the best.

Thank you to the new Mr. & Mrs. Broadbent for dealing with a sick DJ and hopefully everything was satisfactory. Thanks to the captain of the Proud Mary for his kind words. He also noticed that I was moving rather slow. Slower than normal. Oh man, If you’re reading this I hope you don’t catch that bug.