Southern Huntingdon Prom 2017

Southern Huntingdon’s prom is always pretty special. This year was as well, because some of the seniors I remember from when they were very young. Then again, the longer I do these the more I realize that happening.

The prom was held at Raystown Resort. Before I mention anything else, I wanted to give the resort a plug. They really do an awesome job for the kids. In past years, I believe there has been a parking issue. Parents, friends and more friends would come to see the students enter the prom. They come get pictures and more pictures and then take more picture. Since there have been so many people there doing that it left the kids attending no where to park. This year the resort had parents and friends park away from the conference center and saved the parking for the kids. The parents could walk to the conference center or ride in the shuttle van. One more thing, the manager told me the charge for a prom. I was pretty surprised how low the cost was.

If you have a soon to be senior in the Huntingdon County area and they don’t have their prom at the resort, you might want to check it out.

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Sometimes the kids provide a playlist for me, which makes it easy, but this year didn’t. That was ok as well. We had a delicious meal and then a few girls come over and said we’re ready to dance. So with a last bite of chicken I turned it up and a few at a time they were on the dance floor. I’m pretty happy that for most of the night they stayed there. I even threw in a couple older tunes. Chubby Checker’s Twist and a Southern Huntingdon standard, AC/DC’s You Shook Me All Night Long.

After all the songs I play with all the different dances, including the Cha Cha Slide, Whip Nae Nae, Wop, Ju Ju the Beat, Cupid Shuffle and MORE. It was so nice to have a young lady come up and say “Can you play Pour Some Sugar on Me?”. I thought, could it be there is hope for music in 2017?

With that being said, I want to thanks S.H.C. for the chance to play the prom. We also had our photo booth there and a thank you for that as well.  If you were one of the students who was there, I hope you had as much fin as I did and hope to see you again.

More pictures on my facebook page. Or here.