Sweet 16 Party

Sweet 16 Party

Friends at the Sweet 16

When booking a Sweet 16 Party, the first question to ask is, is this a surprise party? Failing to do so could be very bad. I did not ask the question and if you read the previous blog post here, you would know that I played at the Mount Union Area High School. The school attended by the young lady who was turning 16 for this event and who fortunately I did not reveal the surprise.

The young lady who was turning 16 and who this party was being held walked in was very surprised. She looked at someone with a smile and said “I hate you”. I am sure she didn’t. To get her to the party, they told her she was going glow bowling but they had to stop at the fire hall to pick up a friend. The family was pretty sure they boy that was giving her a ride was going to give it away, since he kept asking what time he was to go bowling. When she arrives she also looked at me, as I had a camera pointed at her and said “why is he taking a picture of me?”. Something else I was unaware of was that she was told they were taking Easter photos at the fire hall.

One of my favorite pictures of the evening is when she walked in and her dad hugged her. You can see the photo here.

As for the music for the evening, It was a lot of top 40 and favorites I am familiar with from the high school dances. I can play almost an hour of the line dances. Although I didn’t play the Cha Cha Slide, I did play the Wop, Ju Ju on That Beat, Bet you can’t Do It Like Me, Hit the Quan and half a dozen more.


Dad Hug

Here is a shot of Dad hugging his daughter

This party was at the Mount Union fire hall. It nice and easy to get to. I’m not sure of the price but I know they have held cash parties, wedding receptions and birthday parties there. There is parking just outside and on the streets in the area.

Singing Along

Singing along “Don’t Stop Believing”