Traci & Dan Munro -Wedding

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A photo before the wedding.

Most summer weekends I am lucky enough to be at a wedding. This past weekend was no different. Well a little different. I was coming off a vacation week from my “real” job. Not to say the DJ work isn’t real.

This time I was near Hustontown, PA at a place called Celebrations Unlimited. The day looked a lot like rain for an outside wedding. Fortunately this wedding was being held inside. Did i mention it was hot and humid as well? It was in fact, the weather radar showed some not so nice storms to the west of us. As I was loading the equipment in, sure enough the rain came.

When I met the groom Dan and we talked a while, we did discuss the advantage of having a wedding inside on a day like it was. He mentioned that about three miles from this venue there was a huge tent with around 150 chairs under it and another hundred on the outside waiting on a wedding. If they got to do it without getting rained on they were lucky.

The wedding was to start at 4 and was happening in the same room as the reception. Made the music part easy for me since I didn’t have to set up two systems. I placed a lapel mic on the woman conducting the service and the groom. The groom seemed to not be so thrilled. He said he thought he could mumble his way through it. I believe he was joking.

I believe I should have asked how the participants would be standing for this event. As I mentioned, I put the second lapel mic on the woman performing the ceremony. She actually stood to the left of the couple so that mic only picked up her voice. I don’t like to put a lapel mic on the bride because they seem to only come in one color which is black and stands out like a sore thumb.

Things went well, the Dan was loud and clear as was Traci even without a link. The evening ended at 8:30 ish and I really hope they have a happily ever after. They have a great love story that I