My Most Viewed Photo.. EVER!

I wasn’t sure if i should post the most viewed photo ever or keep it to myself. I am posting more because it is funny.

I’ve spent countless hours trying to learn how to take great photos. Sometimes I get them right and sometimes I don’t. I often post them to Facebook or Instagram. There I can see how many likes or shares they get. I consider it a good day when 20 or 30 people like them or share them.

Looking through my email the other day I came across an email from none other than google. Google Maps to be precise. I opened it and it said I had quite a few views on a photo I posted.  I thought to myself, was it a wedding shot? Maybe a photo of Raystown Lake. As I opened the email it was to my surprise, it was not a photo from a wedding. It was not a photo from a dance, or a photo of artwork or anything like that. Heck, it was not even taken with my DSLR camera. I took it with my iphone.

The magnificent photo that google maps told me was viewed over 40,000 times was…drum roll….. a picture I took of a salad at the OIP in Burnham! A food photo!

If you click the photo you’ll see where it is posted.

Oh well it’s ok and it’s kind of funny. It also reminds me of the old saying “The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it.” – Ansel Adams. Ok after finding that saying and putting it here, it might not apply to this situation, but it applies to a lot of other situation in photography.

I’m done with this post and only hope someday a senior portrait or a wedding photo gets as many views as a chicken salad.