Watercolor Painting “cards” for Juniata College

I haven’t had the chance to post a lot about watercolor paintings that I’ve done. Mainly because I haven’t had a lot of time to do them.

I got a call from Juniata College. They ask me if I would be interested in doing some watercolor paintings for some cards. Oh yes I am interested. I met with some of the staff members on the quad and talked to them about their idea. We did a little walk around of the grounds looking at the buildings. They told me which they were interested in having painted.

A few days later when we had a nice sunny morning, I made my way back and took some reference photos. I started with Founder’s Hall. I took around 30 photos until I was sure I had something I could use as a reference. Moved over to two other buildings and got some photos there (The Arch and Halbritter Center for the Performing Arts).

By the way, if you happen to see the post I did on my facebook page,  about the Juniata College girls who’s pictures I took. This is when it happened. When i was getting the reference photos for this project.

I was anxious to get started on these so when I got home I got out a sketch book and did a couple quick drawings. I thought it would be fun to post some of those drawings here. You can see the steps below. I did use a straight edge on these and hope it didn’t make the paintings look to mechanical.

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At this time, I have a couple other buildings to work on, but was excited to see what the finished product. I got to see it when I stopped in to drop off one of the paintings. The college were trying a few different paper styles to give it the watercolor feel. I’ve posted a picture of the final product below (at least the front). The back was not finalized yet.

Founder’s Hall at Juniata College

I am grateful to the folks at Juniata College for allowing me to take part in this project. I will update with more photos once I finish the other paintings and the other prints are made.