Wedding, Amie & Jeremy

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The beautiful creature was the flower girl for this wedding. She did an amazing job.

I have been the DJ for a lot of weddings and I would say 99.8% of them have been on Saturdays. Sundays would be .1% and Fridays would be .09 and Thursday would be .01%. Yes this was a Thursday wedding and there was not one thing wrong with it.

The wedding and reception were held at the Allegheny Pavilion which is just before you get to the turn off for 7 Points Beach. The view there is amazing.

When I pulled in I saw a huge tent set up in one section of the parking lot. I was happy to see it. I was curious where everyone would be seated on the pavilion. It would have been me, the head table and all the guests. Although the pavilion is a nice size, it wouldn’t have been big enough.

For the wedding ceremony, it would be held in the grassy area that is just behind and below the deck of the pavilion. When setting things up I did not ice a sign that the wedding was to be an “unplugged wedding”. If you’ve never heard of that, it’s a wedding where people don’t have there camera and phones up taking pictures. When I saw that, my heart sank (not really). I played by the rules and didn’t take any photos during the ceremony. I did sneak my gopro next to s sound system I had set up for the ceremony. It’s not close and I had to remove the sound to post it on I played music and they don’t want you ripping off music artists if you play a song in your video. In any case if you’d like to take a look , I’t posted below.

After the ceremony we did the traditional dances. First dance, Father daughter, Groom and Mother. I think during each dance there were tears shed. The cake cutting and toast were held under the tent so I didn’t get to see those happen. Folks came back down to where I was set up and danced.

I did keep an eye on the radar watching for a bad thunderstorm, but we were lucky and didn’t get one. The night ended about 9:30. Usually I play the couples first dance song as the last song of the evening. When I started to do that the bride said she didn’t want to end the night with a slow song. I looked at my list the bride had sent and saw I didn’t get to play “sexy and I know it”. So bam, that is how the night ended.

It really was a beautiful event. As for the most memorable moment of this wedding, it would have been when I was about to get in my truck and leave. The groom said wait! He came toward me and said “I want to give you a hug before you leave!” Thanks to Jeremy and Amy and many years of happiness.

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