Wedding – Christopher & Andrea

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It’s a busy time of the year to DJ weddings. That’s a good thing. This is the second wedding I have had the pleasure of DJing this week.

This wedding I am only the DJ and the reception is being held at the McConnellstown Fire Hall. I believe there is around 100 guests.

They have it decorated nicely and I am grateful that this wedding reception is inside. It is a bit warm today and there is a pretty good chance of a shower with the humidity being so high.

I set up pretty early for this job which was another nice thing about the location. I finished setting up and had time to go home and mow the grass before having to come back out. While I was getting a shower, before coming out I had a little surprise when I walked out of the bathroom. My wife’s parents and two of her sister were standing in our living room. No biggie, but I guess I wasn’t thinking because I forgot to grab my Ipad. I had Vicki run home and get it for me so we were good to go.

This is a different way of posting something like this as well. I am actually at the reception while typing this. I am expecting the wedding party at any minute. It is 4:20 and the meal is set to be served at 4:30. I see the mother of the bride is on the phone and she might be talking to the folks in the wedding.

Just as I typed that I had to turn on my lighting. Not because it was dark. It was because there was a little boy who was tired and crying. Funny but it worked. He stopped crying at least for a little while. He looked  sleepy.

So the wedding party got there. I think the introductions went off without a mess up and dinner was served.  I did mention that the reception was held at the McConnelstown fire hall, but I didn’t mention how awesome the food it. It is! You should try their next public dinner. You’ll go back a second time for sure. Find information here.

Father Daughter Dance

Father Daughter dance – one of the best parts of a wedding reception. My favorite photo of the night.

The meal was finished and the dances started. The father daughter dance was a little tough for both participants. Usually I can tell if there will be tears and I was pretty sure there would be for this one. I didn’t know until I got home and saw the pictures I took on a bigger screen. I think my favorite photo from the night was the bride and her dad dancing.

The cake cutting went as I thought it would. The bride giving the groom a stern warning about what he should NOT do and he followed those directions.

The rest of the evening went well. I finished up pretty early and after getting things packed away headed to the Mount Union VFW where my wife was running out photo booth for the Mount Union Class of 1987.