Wedding – Jenna and Patrick

Treasure Lake Lodge – Dubois, PA

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The wedding we had the privilege of playing May 20, 2017 was that of Jenna and Patrick Lasko. It was booked close to a year in advance and was held at the Treasure Lake Lodge in Dubois.  This place is beautiful. The day was cloudy and a bit on the cool side and I don’t think the marina was open, but we did see a lot of folks playing golf. I am assuming the golf course is amazing, from the reviews I’ve read.

The entire staff at the Treasure Lake Lodge was very professional. The manager Lori really kept things moving and pretty much on schedule.

Since this wedding was an hour and a half away from home we left very early. It gave us a couple hours to set up and get ready. We actually were set up on a stage. It was about 4 foot tall and very nice, but I actually would have liked to have been down lower, just to get petter pictures. Being above everyone is cool for a little while, but all night, I know I was missing some shots.

There was a cocktail hour from three to four on the second floor, which was like a balcony. I just played slow songs that are part of a wedding reception playlist I’ve made. At 4 I invited everyone down to the first floor for introductions. My wife got them lined up. I got the signal from the manager Lori and got the introductions done.

The couple came in and immediately cut the cake. It was not visible from the stage but I heard the cheers, so I know it went well.

Before the dinner they did all the formal dances, first dance, father daughter, mother son.

Dinner was served and again the Treasure Lake Lodge did a great job. They had over 200 people to serve, so they had 4 or 5 runners with a coordinator on the floor directing runners where to serve. It was super fast.

Most memorable events of this wedding would be the toast by the best man and brother of the groom. Apparently the groom had embarrassed his brother at his wedding. It was time to get even. He did so by telling the story of how he was embarrassed and then let loose with his version of I Will Always Love You. The second event was the brides uncle coming up and having the bride sing a song with him as he played the guitar. The song was “It’ll Come Back”. My wife balled her eyes out. I’m posing a video of the song below.

Great family and hopefully a great time for everyone. I appreciate being able to be a part of the day. I also hope you enjoy the photos. You can see a few more here.