Wedding- Josh & Becky

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Almost a year ago, I had the opportunity to DJ a wedding with the last name Cannin. This year it was the brothers turn and I was glad I was able to dj for this event.

This event was at a semi-new place. (Since 2014) It is located in Path Valley. It’s called the Spring House Farms and the mailing address would be SpringRun PA. It’s located on the same road as the Path Valley Speedway. This is a beautiful place. In fact, the next day I went back and shot some drone video. I will include it here so you can see.

The wedding was to start at 2pm and since this was a new venue to me and I did not have my partner in crime, my wife, with me so I got there plenty early. I think I was there by 11:30 a.m. There is an area on the back side of the barn where I set up the DJ equipment. After that I moved over behind the actual Spring House. I bought a small system and was using it for the first time. Another reason I wanted to get there early.

All set up, ready to go and off with the music for the ceremony. Things went very smooth for the service. There was a little bit of wind that kept the couple from setting up the knot ceremony items, but the groom grabbed those, put them up on a table and everything was fine.

As for the part I will remember about this wedding, there are three things. First it was my first time at the venue. I met the owner who was very nice and I can’t say anything bad about it. We were very lucky to have a day with perfect weather.

The second thing I will remember is not having my wife with me. I have only been a DJ for 20 some years and all but the last three doing most jobs alone. Since we brought her on board, I like her being there.

The third thing I will remember is losing my glasses. I have no idea what happened to them. I looked everywhere after I was done packing the truck. Inside outside, in the parking lot everywhere. We even went pack the day after to look again.

That’s all for this wedding. Thanks to Josh and Becky and I have to wonder if there are any more Cannin brothers?

More photos on my facebook page soon