Wedding Kylie and Blair

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This wedding seemed to happen too soon. What I mean by that is It seemed like just yesterday that I was the DJ for Kylie’s 16th birthday party, but after checking some time had passed. I guess time flies when you are DJing, who knows.

This wedding was held at the Mill Creek Firehall. Now if someone is reading this and they are not from Pennsylvania, you may have never heard of such a thing, but as Tom Jones would say “It’s Not Unusual” in Central Pennsylvania.

Something els that’s not unusual when the father of the bride is a member of the before mentioned fire company. That’s right the bride and her bridesmaids have to arrive in the fire companies fire truck. Not the brush truck or one of the smaller rescue vehicles. The main fire truck, light shining and siren blasting. And so it was for Kylie and her bridesmaids.

The ceremony was very nice and the way things were decorated was as well. The ceremony was fairly short. Around 15 minutes total, but for any groom I think that would seem like an hour and 15 minutes. Things went off without a problem and after the “I do’s” it was just a short walk back to the reception hall.

Shortly after the couple had photos taken I introduced them along with their parents and other members of the wedding party. A blessing was said and the meal began. Things went very smooth from the first dance to the smashing of cake in each others faces. One of the special moments that stuck out to me was a dance the bride didn’t know about. Her brother told my wife after the father daughter dance he wanted to dance with her. The song he wanted me to play was “Humble and Kind” by Tim McGraw. When the dance started so did the tears and not from the bride. A pretty awesome moment.

Thanks to Kylie and Blair and the best to them and their families.

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