Wedding Reception – Jeff & Kara Scott

McConnellsburg Legion – May 13, 2017

Wedding Reception

Jeff & Kara Scott Wedding Reception

The wedding Reception for May 13th was held at the McConnellsburg Legion Post 561. There was more than a minute or two taken to decorate for this reception. Over 200 were expected and over 200 were there.

For this reception I set up on the stage and the head table was set up in front of me. The dance floor is directly in front of the head table. I have played here many times. A few times I was on the floor to the right of the stage with the wedding party on stage and several times like I was for this event. Either way is ok with me. We also had our photo booth with us. We kept it on the stage as well. You can see pictures from the photo booth here, on our Facebook page. Oh, I might as well say it. If you look at the pictures there, make sure you like the page.

One warning about the stage at the Mconnellsburg  Legion. If you are on the stage and you exit the stage from what would be the left side while looking at it, be careful. The curtain they have hanging, which can be pulled the whole way across, it kind of hides a small stage that is on that side. When I was going for food, I found it and went on my face. Be careful!

The reception started with the introductions, then Jeff & Kara were introduced and did their first dance, I Cross My Heart by George Strait was the song. After the first dance was the meal. The Father – Bride dance and Mother – Son followed the meal. After that we played some dance music then had the toast and other wedding traditions.

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After the traditional dances were played, the garter and bouquet, dollar dance and a special bride son dance I played more dance music. I played music until midnight.  As I get older midnight seems to be a lot later than it use to be.

We had a great time and hope everyone else did as well.

I mentioned in previous posts that I would mention the most memorable moment of each event. This time the memorable moment had nothing to do with the actual job. There was also two events. The first was when Vicki and I were loading the equipment. She was wheeling the photo booth out and got it suck in the door. I gave it a pull and it went directly in to her knee. She was down and in pain. Big time pain.

The second memory will be when we passed the Quick Fill along rt. 22 in Mill Creek. There was a maroon Ford Explorer, I believe, sitting there. It looked like a guy slumped over the steering wheel. We turned around to see if they were ok. We turned in to the Quik Fill and saw that someone looked to be passed out. As we were talking about calling the police a State Police vehicle came flying by us and went over to the Explorer. I went around in a circle to tell the police office that we were just about to call them. When I put my window down the second officer got out of the car and said “Not now!”. I said we were just checking to see if they (in the car) were ok. He said something to the effect of “that’s good!”.

I put the window up and we were on our merry way.

Thanks to Jeff & Kara. Anytime anyone asks me to be a part of their wedding day I am honored.