Williamsburg Prom 2017

This was the third or fourth year I have had the pleasure of playing this prom. It’s always a little different, because I don’t know many people in the Williamsburg School district.

Below is a time lapse video of the event.

King & Queen

Williamsburg Prom King & Queen 2017

I mentioned when I started doing a blog about the dj work, I would be able to remember notable things that happened at each event. This job will be one of the easier ones. In fact, it will most likely be one I never forget. Not because I played amazing music that kept them dancing all night. I think there were a few low points in this night, but this night would be remembered for a text I received. You see, I give out my mobile number each evening and let guests text me if they have any requests. It saves them having to run up and try to tell me over the loud music.

On this particular evening when i got the first text from a student, it was rather nasty. Nasty words that is. As I saw it and looked around quickly, I believe I was able to narrow the text down to one of three particular boys. I didn’t say anything to them but I did text them back and say I would have to ask the teacher if I could play the song they were requesting.  At the end of the evening when the teacher came to pay me, I did show her the text. She did call another teacher over and he entered the information into his phone. That was the bad part of the evening.

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The good part of the evening was everyone looked great. The prom is held each year at the Calvin House in Duncansville. It is beautiful. They have a great staff and delicious food. Top five best ever mashed potatoes.

The kids sent me a list of songs that had some songs I was questioning, but when I played them they danced. The majority of them sang along. Some songs I thought wouldn’t work but did were songs like Santa Monica by Everclear, Beverly Hills by Weezer and Mr. Brightside were several that stuck out to me as odd for the Class of 2017.

I love doing the prom each year for the different schools and will be looking forward to next year as they invited me back. For that I am grateful.